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Cooking Classes

Cooking Station Atlanta provides an inclusive approach to participants by offering a variety of classes to an array of clients with a variety of pricing options. We dedicate ourselves to focus on the enjoyment of cooking. Our approach is to educate novice participants with basic kitchen techniques and to empower experienced cooks with a wide range of menu ideas.

With a focus on fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and entertaining meals, Cooking Station Atlanta is a fusion of New Orleans and Southern cuisine in a fun, supportive environment.

The following is a “taste” of the classes we offer. Click the links on the right to view current course descriptions, to register for demonstration and hands-on cooking classes, and to select your payment options, to get driving directions to our cooking classes and to learn more about Huguette.

Cooking Station Atlanta is available for private classes and by appointment only.

Any class not meeting the minimum number of guests 48 hours prior to class time may be rescheduled or cancelled by Cooking Station Atlanta.

If you need to cancel a class, please do so at least 48 hours prior to the class to receive a credit towards another class.

If Cooking Station Atlanta cancels a class for any reason, you will be notified by phone or email and can switch to another class of the same value or be fully refunded your class registration fee.

Each student will receive menu recipes, samples of food prepared and complimentary beverages.


Fresh vegetables at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market


New Orleans Cuisine
Learn the kitchen secrets of seasoned cooks to achieve authentic New Orleans recipes.

Dinner Time
Are you tired of cooking every day? Are you looking for new and exciting dinner ideas? We teach you how to create simple and tasty meals that your entire family will enjoy.

Seafood Savvy
Yes, there is a secret to preparing enjoyable, fresh, and delicious seafood dishes. We help you navigate through a variety of seafood dishes that incorporate the flavors of New Orleans cuisine.

Fresh vegetables at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market
Classes with Diabetics in Mind
This is a demonstration of flavorful dishes with a focus on low carbohydrates and healthy dishes. We teach you how to achieve variety in moderation.
More information is coming soon on this exciting class full of fresh vegetables.


Soul Food Done Right
Collaborate with others and share the soul food traditions of your friends and family. New and experienced cooks will learn how to prepare enjoyable, fresh and delicious soul food recipes that characterize Southern cuisine.

Family Class/Kids in the Kitchen
Were you told to get out of the kitchen as a child?  Learn to incorporate the little ones in your life during meal preparation. This class teaches you how to assign kitchen duties that are appropriate for various ages. We also show you how to make meal preparations a fun experience for the entire family.

Heart Safe
The way we cook and the food we eat directly affects our health and happiness. This class is designed to teach cooking techniques for a safe and healthy heart.

Cooking on a Budget
Do you want to learn how to create tasty meals on a budget? Our classroom instruction teaches you how to prepare healthy, flavorful meals that fit into your family’s budget.

Locally Grown
Fresh ingredients are easy to find and a joy to incorporate into your daily meal plan. Each class is designed to highlight seasonal ingredients available at your local farmer’s market or grocery store.

I Don’t Want To Cook Anymore
Are you the family cook that can but lack the enthusiasm in the kitchen? Allow us to light a fire under your feet to discover the joy of cooking and the pleasure of serving mouth-watering meals.

Couples Night Out
Do you want a unique idea for date night that will extend long beyond our cooking class? Join Huguette for lots of fun while you make delicious hors d’oeuvres, exciting main dishes, and thirst-quenching New Orleans-style beverages. This class is great for new and experienced couples alike.

Team Building
This class will enhance your team building and cooperation skills through menu planning, meal preparation, and successful meal delivery.

More details are coming soon on how to experience the joy of New Orleans and Southern-style cooking classes in downtown Atlanta.