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We asked our former students to submit a review of recent cooking classes with Huguette. The following are comments we received.

Huguette’s Cajun cooking class was about more than cooking… it was an immersion in Cajun culture. It wasn’t until I realized that the charming woman seated to my right was Huguette’s mother that I fully appreciated the experience. Huguette and her mother traded stories of their home, where there were always visitors and there was always a pot of gumbo on the stove. I realized that Huguette was not just following recipes, but sharing a craft that had been handed down for generations. It was like she had invited us into her own kitchen.J. Britt
Attending a cooking class hosted by Huguette is an experience in wonderful food. I’ve attended two classes and both were informative and so enjoyable because of the spirit she brings by making it all look so easy. I went away with recipes that were easy to replicate and use to impress my family/friends.
My first Mardi Gras Class @ Decatur left a lasting impression with me. I picked up on so many tips and came away with recipes for my own kitchen. Every time I make Red Beans & Rice, I use the recipe from that class. And of course, I stir-fry my vegetables just like I learned to do from the class.
S. Nichols
I have been to a few cooking events and the food was excellent. I have even prepared some of the items at home – like the stir fry vegetables, dirty rice, shrimps Creole, and others.
I went to a Mardi Gras cooking class hosted by Huguette this year. It was a packed house and enjoyed by all. Not only was the food delicious but Huguette’s happy personality and quick wit made it both a dinner and a show. I would definitely attend more classes.
M. Whiteside
I’ve had the pleasure of eating at Huguette’s for over 15 years! Be it a formal event, a cooking class, or at her kitchen table, my palette was always satisfied. She always provides a comfortable atmosphere as well as an awesome cuisine!Anonymous